Cirrus Government Desktop

Cirrus Government Desktop

We helped government departments implement the CIRRUS zero trust desktop to enable employees to work flexibly from home or any office in the UK.

Enabled flexible work

Enables flexible work

Zero trust solution

Zero trust solution

Supports 12000+ users

Supports 12,000+ users

Secure access from anywhere

The age of connectivity has opened channels of communication across the globe, enabling the modern business person to work remotely and still meet all targets. However, for government employees, access and security are fundamental considerations that often restrict their capabilities.

The cirrus solution background

The cirrus solution

Working at the highest level, CIRRUS comprises a fully-integrated zero trust solution to give government employees secure remote access to all applications

  • Bullet point Core infrastructure hosted in the cloud
  • Bullet point Device and identity verification and authorisation
  • Bullet point Only trusted users and devices can connect

12,000 + Government employees can now work flexibly from anywhere.

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
Department for International Trade

CIRRUS currently supports more than twelve-thousand users within the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, the Department for International Trade, and a range of Arm’s Length Bodies, Partner Organisations and other task forces.

Cirrus features

  • Bullet point Multi-cloud secure platform solution through Azure and Amazon Web Service.
  • Bullet point Development and delivery of applications related to the policy initiatives.
  • Bullet point Fully integrated with Microsoft 365, Sharepoint, and established data management systems.
  • Bullet point Uses Microsoft Teams as a unified communications solution.
  • Bullet point Complemented by the 02 mobile phone service.
  • Bullet point Access to Microsoft Power Platform features, driving innovation and automation.
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Cirrus Government desktop devices

CIRRUS users are issued high-specification devices which provide secure, managed access to their Department’s Microsoft Office 365 platforms. Device security is supported by rigid control over their provision, configuration, and maintenance.

User deployment < 30 mins

Cirrus Zero Trust desktop security

National Cyber Security Centre

The CIRRUS government desktop is secure by design and fully aligned with National Cyber Security Centre guidance.

User security is based on the zero trust architecture in place:

Bullet point


Bullet point

Single Sign-On

Bullet point

Multi-factor Authentication

Bullet point

Device trust enforcement

Why does her majesty's government trust Cirrus?

  • Bullet point Work flexibly from home or any office in the UK.
  • Bullet point Collaborate seamlessly with a full suite of M365 productivity tools and unified communications.
  • Bullet point Secure by design, aligned to NCSC best practice.
  • Bullet point Based on a zero trust model.
  • Bullet point No need for legacy VPN services.
  • Bullet point Enjoy rapid deployment and scalability.
  • Bullet point Cloud platform provision and support.
  • Bullet point Operational support and telephony services.
  • Bullet point Fully supported devices and solution vendor services, including first, second, third and fourth line vendor management.

Cirrus Use Case

BEIS Zero Trust Desktop.

BEIS has been using CIRRUS for more than four years, deriving a number of clear benefits for the department. CIRRUS has enabled BEIS to:

  • Fully adopt hybrid or completely remote working.
  • Manage all devices effectively with a high degree of security assurance.
  • Modernise collaborative ways of working.
  • Use a mobile-first unified communications strategy.
  • Seamlessly reach back to PSN legacy applications.
Cirrus Case Study

As a result, BEIS have reported:

Bullet point

An average of 99% on system performance KPIs.

Bullet point

High levels of user satisfaction.

Bullet point

Exceptional service performance.

Bullet point

Dev Ops capability to drive incremental business process improvements.

Bullet point

A positive shift in culture and behaviour as a direct result of the ability to work from anywhere with evergreen technology that continuously iterates.

Cirrus provides excellent value for money and the best user experience.

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