9 Benefits of Regulatory Compliance Monitoring Software

9 Benefits of Regulatory Compliance Monitoring Software

– By ST_Jeandrew

April 21, 2021

Simplified statutory obligations through regulatory compliance monitoring software

Meeting statutory requirements is a core role of every business owner, commercial building owner, and landlord. Regulatory compliance monitoring software, powered by smart technologies, offers far-reaching advantages to ease the burden of your compliance responsibilities. These technologies offer impactful solutions from data collection and assimilation to storage and reporting. Adaptable to your compliance needs, the future of compliance is smarter.

How do you maintain regulatory compliance?

Ensuring compliance has traditionally involved systems of constant checking and thorough record-keeping. These processes are notoriously time and resource intensive, which comes at a cost to business owners, building owners, and landlords. These compliance tasks come with the ever-present risk of human error or oversight. As with all manual processes, different people also have the potential to conduct tasks differently, so there is a lack of standardised approach (water temperature monitoring for legionella is a good example of this).

The risk of non-compliance takes the shape of sometimes hefty penalties: fines and even imprisonment, insurance liabilities, and tarnished reputations. Regulatory monitoring software breaks from these manual systems to mitigate risks, achieve real efficiency around regulatory compliance tasks, save time and money, and ensure airtight digital record-keeping processes.

Regulatory compliance monitoring software for smarter, more effective compliance

Smart technology makes the task of tracking assets, auditing equipment, and making efficient decisions considerably easier. Smart building monitoring solutions are cost-effective, easy to use, and provide real-time asset visibility.

What is regulatory compliance monitoring software? Regulatory compliance tracking software provides data insights on your selection of subjects – accessible anytime and from anywhere. The smart compliance testing solutions from Smarter Technologies Group features a system of pressure pads, sensors, and gateways – transmitting whole-building data to a remotely accessible dashboard via the Orion Data Network.

These solutions have the potential to be utilised throughout buildings – leaving little to chance and driving performance and compliance. From being able to tag assets such as smoke alarms, heat sensors and fire doors to occupancy monitoring and smart lighting systems, smart building technology:

  • improves safety
  • informs action
  • provides insight for data-based decision-making
  • achieves cloud-based record-keeping
  • reduces the burden on time, resources, and administration
  • improves accuracy for evidenced best compliance practices

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits.

1. Wellness, health, and safety first

Health and safety should always be your top priority when it comes to compliance monitoring. Smart technologies have evolved to support business owners, building owners, and landlords. It improves compliance standards and protects occupants from risks. Some key areas where smart compliance solutions are improving health and safety are the following.

2. Automated legionella compliance systems

Legionella is a disease-causing bacteria that thrives in stagnant water systems. Water monitoring and temperature testing plays a key role in mitigating the risks of legionella – especially in heritage buildings with complex pipework and water systems.

The automated smart legionella system from Smarter Technologies Group attaches to taps and outlets and performs pre-programmed automated temperature testing. This achieves standardised methodology; monitors conditions in real time and sends alerts in the event of undesirable changes, and keeps comprehensive records for the purposes of compliance.

WATCH: Learn more about Smarter Technologies’ Legionella compliance

3. Meaningful precautions for emergencies

Smart monitoring devices help to ensure that critical equipment is well-maintained and readily available. The Smarter Technologies Group system provides insights and real-time alerts for fire management across even multiple locations. These alerts can be sent when smoke alarm batteries are low or to report on maintenance, levels, movement, tampering, or weight changes of fire extinguishers. Similarly, smoke detector maintenance and battery status can be viewed from anywhere to ensure building safety. Alerts around atmospheric changes also serve as an early warning system in fire prevention.

Alarm and sprinkler testing can be conducted automatically and automated sprinkler systems can be set up to activate remotely and on-demand. This gives real peace of mind when it comes to dealing with emergencies as they happen.

Thermal detection cameras can help pinpoint the source of fire outbreaks and assist emergency responders in curbing outbreaks. Fire door status can also be viewed from anywhere on the remote dashboard – with instant insights on emergency lighting, obstructions to emergency routes and exits.

4. Better air for better health – today and into the future

Indoor and outdoor air quality is a fundamental component when it comes to health and wellness in the workplace. It is well-known that air pollution outdoors is harmful to human health, but indoor air quality has faced increasing scrutiny in recent years. Smart air quality monitoring devices will observe your air quality in real time – helping you stay compliant with legislation and protecting occupants from carbon dioxide, noxious gases, and pollutants.

5. Safer workdays

Health and wellbeing in the workplace should be every employer’s number one priority. Smart building technologies present an array of ways for business owners to safeguard the wellbeing of their staff. The desk time and work conditions of individual employees can be monitored at a data level, with insights on everything from display screen exposure to working hours and lone worker safety (including panic button capabilities).

The performance of equipment has an important bearing on workplace safety. Smart technologies provide data insights into the safety of machinery and vehicles – data which can be used to mitigate risks. Myriad different metrics can be monitored for a full-picture view of workplace conditions, including everything from prevailing conditions to noise and pressure levels, hand-arm vibration risks, and worker exposure to certain conditions.

By receiving early alerts on accumulation of dust or powders – or the occurrence of gas, smoke, water, or humidity – worker wellbeing and machine integrity are more easily upheld.

6. Food safety compliance

Smart compliance is a critical tool in maintaining high standards of safety in ‘sensitive’ industries. An example of an industry with heightened compliance standards is the food and beverage industry. Especially useful here are temperature and humidity monitoring solutions. Smart technologies offer a detailed view across the whole supply chain – from production and packaging to storage, transport, and delivery. This empowers business owners and managers to take action when things go wrong with minimal disruption or impact on food safety.

This smart compliance system also keeps detailed temperature logs and other information for full accountability and compliance reporting purposes.

7. Going green made easy – and smart

Environmental regulations are changing to address climate change and sustainability for the future. To remain competitive in a growing greener landscape, businesses and building owners need to be smart about making meaningful changes. By taking action on the data provided by smarter technologies, green efforts can be monitored and strategically adopted. These solutions are premium drivers for cutting emissions, achieving carbon neutral energy culture, efficiently managing waste, and fine-tuning efficiencies.

8. Smart technologies and energy consumption

Smart technologies provide powerful benefits for reducing energy consumption. The key to cutting usage is to know where energy is being used in the first place and mapping the trends. Every building and enterprise is different and traditional methods involve a lot of hit and miss to find the path of least resistance to meet green ambitions.

Smart meters and Smarter Technologies Group’s IoT smart solutions collect data around where and how energy is being used. This can be used as a blueprint for strategic changes and the informed implementation of renewable alternatives for seamless green changes to your operations.

It is reasonable to expect that energy trends are set to continue into the future. The simplicity of smart solutions gives business and building owners a resilient tool for continuity whatever form the future may take.

9. Instantly accessible information

What is a regulatory compliance database? These may take many different forms but, with the smart compliance solutions from Smarter Technologies Group, your compliance data is quickly and simply accessible. Smart monitoring devices report to a single dashboard, where you have full access and control over your compliance protocols. You get full visibility of assets, compliance requirements, and reporting.

Data is collected in real time and stored on a remotely accessible dashboard. This makes the data accessible at any time and from anywhere. It also alleviates the administrative and resource-intensive burden that comes with the traditional approach of compliance record-keeping. With the risk of penalties for non-compliance, an airtight system of record-keeping, accountability, and reporting is a critical tool for compliance.

A smart partner for compliance monitoring

Smarter Technologies Group offers leading technologies across almost every industry – making the world smarter. Our team of experts is available to advise on the best system of solutions to meet the unique needs of your operations. Often, compliance and performance work in tandem. In devising smart strategies to aid in compliance efforts, you will get an in-depth view into the different components of your building to guide strategic change.

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