How Digital Tools Power Smarter Leisure Park and Marina Management

How Digital Tools Power Smarter Leisure Park and Marina Management

– By Travis Nightingale

September 4, 2023

Smart Utilities Monitoring

The importance of accurate billing is underscored as businesses navigate escalating water and energy tariffs. When it comes to marinas, holiday parks, residential home parks, and other leisure-related businesses, the challenge of multiple users compounds the challenges of billing accuracy. Add the resource-intensiveness of traditional monitoring methods and billing queries and the monetary losses and opportunity costs quickly add up.

Smart utility monitoring, like those available from Smarter Technologies Group, help operators to monitor individual consumption in real time. This assists in building a true understanding of usage trends over time and acts as a fundamental tool for accurate billing. This brings a potential for costs savings that is set to drive competitiveness and secure the bottom lines of operators today and into the future.

The solutions are simple to deploy – with retrofit capabilities as required. For new installations, exciting opportunities exist for smart pedestals that cater to single and three-phase setups. These smart pedestals empower users to monitor consumption and make payments over an app – assured of the accuracy of consumption stats and billing amounts through smart data insights.

On-Demand, Accurate Consumption Statements

With smart utilities monitoring, the days of unaccounted for energy usage (and the losses they incur) are over. Monitoring is conducted in real time – and bills can be generated for any date or time period required. This leaves less to chance and makes for easily evidenced consumption data, which simplifies management, reduces queries, and improves customer satisfaction.

Data-Powered Energy and Water Efficiency Improvements

The first step to improving efficiencies is understanding consumption. Smart utilities monitoring provides data-driven tools that have the potential to impact efficiencies in the short, medium, and long term.

By pre-programming thresholds, alerts can be sent to a remotely accessible dashboard notify you of undesirable or unusual changes. This empowers action that can circumvent potentially costly issues that waste natural resources. This also has the potential to act as an early warning system for faults in water systems, for example, with scope for extensive savings on infrastructure repairs and wasted water.

Data collection, storage, and analysis over time allows serves as a key driver for long-term strategic change. By understanding usage trends and needs, areas of waste and potential savings can be identified and implemented. In the case of communal areas, there is real scope for boosted efficiencies and sustainability gains.

In the case of ESG initiatives, the data insights from smart utilities monitoring support the design, implementation, transparency and reporting for stakeholders. Understanding consumption data allows ESG planning to take place with secured business continuity in mind. Over time, it provides stakeholders with true transparency on the victories of initiatives and future benchmarking.

The shift to renewables is appealing for operations that are committed to sustainability. In a similar vein to the above, data insights can be used to create a roadmap for changes that do not disrupt operations and impact the customer experience. It can also be used to gauge return on investment.

Automation For a More Personalised Service

Automated user access, digital and automated payments, and alerts around undesirable or unusual usage all create a more seamless experience for users. by putting these digital tools in the hands of users, they are given a personalised, premium service.

On the management side, optimal service levels and accurate revenue collection services are on offer without the demand on personnel and resources. Additionally, a two-way interface means supply can be turned on or off remotely. This prevents unauthorised or unnecessary spending and gives operators high-level control over their operations. This applies even in complex and multi-site operations, which appear on a centralised dashboard.

Simplified Record-Keeping and Reporting

No more filing cabinets and paper cuts. Smart technologies collect and store data around operations on a secure, cloud-based dashboard. From dealing with individual queries to compliance and board-level reporting, this forms the foundation of truly transparent and accurate reporting without the administrative hassles.

A Core Component of Whole-Operations Transformation

By creating an ecosystem of smart technologies, marinas and leisure parks connect every element of their facilities management on a unified platform. The application of smart sensors and pressure pads throughout the facilities gives managers and operators a full, detailed view of the metrics that matter most – remotely accessible in real time, at all times.

These IoT solutions can be used to monitor everything from temperature, air quality, and compliance metrics to asset monitoring, tracking, and tampering alerts. When it comes to leisure parks and marinas, the future is simpler, smarter, and more connected.

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