Save Time and Stay Safe With Smart Risk Management Solutions

Save Time and Stay Safe With Smart Risk Management Solutions

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July 16, 2020

Employee health and safety is more important now than ever. Employers are expected to pay attention to the wellbeing of their staff in a way that has never been required before and it is within this ‘new normal’ that buildings are beginning to function as more than just a collection of bricks and mortar. Smart risk management solutions have revolutionised the way buildings operate.

What is smart risk management?

Smart risk management refers to using technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify compliance procedures. In order words,  it means using technology to improve business operations.

Although it is impossible to avoid risks and accidents altogether, technology can play a critical role in preventing unwanted events, minimising damage and saving human lives. Automated solutions such as smart detectors, alarms and notification systems can help us to react much faster, resulting in better outcomes in emergency situations. Embracing automated compliance systems also allows businesses to provide transparency to anxious employees looking for reassurance before returning to the workplace.

With smart risk management solutions from Smarter Technologies, you can save time and money with state-of-the-art technologies such as their Automated Legionella Compliance SystemFire Safety Compliance Testing and Automated Inventory

How smart risk management solutions improve fire alarm systems

Historically, testing fire alarms and other fire safety measures has been an incredibly time-consuming experience, but today, a wide range of innovative technologies exist. From aspiration sensors, capable of detecting microscopic particles of smoke in the air, to IoT technology that lets you send safety alerts to hundreds of people and IoT-enabled detectors able to communicate with the thermostat and shut off the furnace in the event of a fire. More and more facility owners and managers are realising the benefits of being able to control multiple systems remotely from a single, cloud-based system. 

With smart risk management solutions such as Smarter Technologies’ Fire Safety Compliance Testing, you can automatically manage and monitor your entire building’s fire safety measures at the touch of a button. By installing smart tags and sensors on fire extinguishers, you can monitor their condition in real-time; receiving instant alerts if a unit has been tampered with, its weight has changed or if it has been moved. Our smart fire alarm systems also allow you to receive real-time smoke and fire alerts via the internet so that you can take fast action in case of an emergency.

How smart risk management has improved health standards

Employers in the UK are expected to comply with legislation in order to minimise health hazards in the building. This requirement includes the treatment of water systems to manage the spread of Legionella. Legionella is a type of bacteria that is incredibly dangerous as it can cause severe pneumonia. It grows when water systems reach a certain temperature.

Businesses need to conduct valid and up-to-date risk assessments to mitigate against the risk of Legionella. Traditionally, this has meant employing a qualified team to check the water system of your building for waterborne bacteria and regularly checking the temperature. 

Smarter Technologies’ automated compliance solutions remove the margin for human error. Our Automated Legionella Compliance System, for example, eliminates the need for manual testing which is both costly and time-consuming. By automating flushing and temperature testing and providing scheduled testing, reports, and alerts, your business can rest assured that Legionnaires’ disease will not be a concern your employees need to worry about.

How smart technology has improved security

Site security 

IoT technology has revolutionised building security and safety with innovative smart risk management solutions that make protecting a business’s site easier than ever before. Technology such as solar gateway security cameras have made it possible for rural or out of reach locations to be protected. These cameras don’t require cabling or an outdoor power line which means they can function in almost any location. Switching to solar energy will also save your business time and money. 

Smarter Technologies wireless laser beams are also an incredibly useful technology for perimeter protection. These beams are naked to the human eye and can send an instant notification to a control centre when a barrier beam is broken. Pressure pads are another innovative solution from Smarter Technologies that can be hidden underground alerting you to when someone or something has passed over them.

Asset tracking 

Although tracking technology has been around for years, it has often been unrealistic for smaller, less valuable items because of the high costs associated with tagging every item. This is rapidly changing with the advent of IoT networks. 

With advances in technology, tracking can now be applied to any type of asset, from laptops and televisions to retail stock and even livestock. They work when an IoT device is attached to an asset or fitted to a container that is being transported. The tracking device has the capability to send a location message whenever movement is detected. This can then be used to determine whether the asset is moving within authorised parameters. If the movement is unauthorised, an alert is generated and immediately sent to a mobile device or monitoring website. 

We have designed tracking solutions that automate the inventory process, helping businesses take stock of their assets in a matter of seconds rather than hours. If anything goes awry, stakeholders can be notified immediately. 

These examples of automation not only increase personnel productivity but greatly reduce the margin for human error. By automating these processes and implementing smart risk management, you will be able to improve workforce wellness and performance- freeing up time to spend on other tasks. 

To find out more about how Smarter Technologies’ smart risk management solutions can help you keep your business, employees and clients safe, contact us today. 

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