Zero Trust IoT Data Network: The Path To Digital Transformation

Zero Trust IoT Data Network: The Path To Digital Transformation

– By Shea Karssing

June 1, 2022

Achieving simplicity, security, and streamlined operations with a zero trust IoT data network

Zero trust networking is set to become the hallmark of digital infrastructure. According to the latest IBM Security Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average cost of a data breach rose by 10% in 2021. The average cost globally now sits at around $4.24 million. It’s no wonder that a zero trust IoT data network environment is a key consideration in digital transformation for the future.

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation. While many have returned to work following COVID-19, remote and hybrid working remains commonplace. A strong reliance on remote access to data from many different applications has shifted the systems of many organisations. Four out of five companies in France, Germany, the US, UK, and China are reportedly undergoing digital transformation. This holds exciting opportunities for information sharing and customer experience.

However, these opportunities come with heightened threats around cyber security and data breaches for both the private and public sector. Traditional security architectures rely on protecting the network. This system that does not always adequately address the risks of working with cloud technology.

The cost of data breaches

As indicated above, the cost of data breaches is increasing. These data breaches can lead to productivity loss, lawsuits, fines, as well as damage to your business’s reputation. A cybersecurity plan is an investment into business continuity and futureproofed digital processes that serve your aspirations, protect your interests, and endow you with agility.

What is a zero trust IoT data network?

Simply put, within a zero trust IoT data network, every user and device undergoes strict verification protocols, no matter where they are trying to access resources from. In other words, zero trust security trusts no one – not even internal users. Dynamic and continual verification is required every time someone attempts to gain access to resources on the network. In addition to this, constant monitoring immediately identifies and remedies any risky behaviour.

If cyber attackers manage to gain entry on to a network, zero trust data offers layers of protection to prevent access to confidential data and applications. A key feature of this includes monitoring. Additionally, zero trust security works on a need-to-know basis. In other words, a user is given only as much access as they need. 

By utilising microsegmentation, the practice of breaking up a single data centre into dozens of separate, secure zones, a zero trust IoT data network assumes that no one should be trusted. This is applied to everything from data to workflows and services, affecting internal processes and customer experience. Access to one zone does not guarantee access to another, and separate authorisation is required each time.

Some of the key features of zero trust networks inclue:

  • whole-network visibility and monitoring
  • verification between the different layers of the environment
  • strong multifactor authentication methods

How to create a zero trust network

  • Assess your risk policies and priorities and devise access and safeguards around these.
  • Know your users. The first step is to list users and devices and ensure verification with simple accessibility for seamless processes.
  • Access control. A system of microsegmentation governs limitations of access to different elements on the network. Limitations can be set per user or per device.
  • Continuous monitoring. Constant monitoring of both users and customers allows for fast reactions to unusual behaviour and assists with machine learning, AI, and data collection and analysis.
  • Remote access. This is in keeping with the realities of modern enterprises and organisations.
  • Strategic innovation. Adapt and evolve systems to streamline and simplify how you do business.
  • Maximise security opportunities.

The benefits of zero trust networking

  • Data privacy and protection is more important than ever for customers, staff, and stakeholders. Implementing zero trust security meets growing public expectations and protects everyone from the cost and damages caused by cyber attackers.
  • Reduced risk. Constant monitoring and network visibility mitigates risks of data breaches, as well as unusual behaviour within the network environment.
  • Reduced management expenditure. This is achieved by creating centralised security and management tools.
  • Modern-day adaptability. Secure, remotely accessible zero trust data makes full-scale and hybrid remote working an easy reality, with minimal disruption and reduced risk of remotely conducted operations.
  • More effective cloud-based systems. Zero trust networks give the benefits of cloud technology with enhanced controls.

The move away from the PSN 

The Public Services Network (PSN) is a network for public sector organisations. The Government Digital Service has given support to migrate away from this legacy system through an update to the Future Networks for Government (FN4G) Programme, published in 2019. This needs to be conducted using appropriately secure solutions. Zero trust is a core component to successfully achieving the aims set out in these policies for meaningful digital transformation.

Introducing Orion, The Real-Time Data NetworkTM

Smarter Technologies’ Orion Data Network is the world’s first zero trust IoT data network, with 256-bit encryption for all of your company’s IoT applications. The zero trust IoT data network delivers everything from real-time asset tracking and security solutions to automated smart building compliance. Our actionable and intelligible data provides invaluable insights into your business operations and gives visibility throughout your supply chain, with the benefits of effective security.  

How does the Orion zero trust IoT data network work? 

The Orion gateway operates on a low frequency radio signal with GPS tags for near real-time monitoring, and non-GPS tags for tamper alerts and logistics solutions. From asset tracking, inventory, management, logistics and so much more, these tags can be used to protect what is directly important to your business. The innovative technology behind the Orion Data Network means that each tag is protected by the zero trust security model.

Learn more about Orion:

Smarter Technologies Group: Your technology partner

With Orion, anything is possible. This IoT data network can apply to almost any industry in myriad combinations, providing businesses with invaluable insights into their operations. This allows them to improve their bottom line with a cost-effective, bespoke solution. By working with Smarter Technologies Group, public and private organisations get the benefit of using zero trust networking to achieve digital transformation as seamlessly as possible.

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