Smart buildings solutions for building owners

Smart Building Solutions for
Building Owners

The Future of the Property Market

In recent years, there has been an increased focus being placed on the importance of investing in intelligent building technology and its numerous benefits for property owners:

Increase value

Allow buildings to become more efficient

Reduce the need for manual work and the chance of human error

Enable owners to cut costs and enhance productivity.

Improve functionality

Most importantly, smart buildings possess a higher investment value – offering greater efficiency and flexibility, promoting sustainability and helping owners keep up with the pace of change.

Improving Energy Efficiency:
Building Energy Monitoring Systems

Energy efficiency is a topic of utmost importance today, both as an area property owners can improve upon to generate cost savings, and with regards to reducing carbon emissions and attaining Net Zero goals.


Providing a clear picture of exactly where your energy is going and how it’s being used in your building is key to understanding how to reduce expenses.

However, optimising energy performance to minimise costs requires identifying the right opportunities, which is near impossible without access to real-time, tangible data.

Building Energy Monitoring Systems


Smarter Technologies’ Building Energy Monitoring Systems provide property owners with the information required to locate areas where energy is being used unnecessarily and equipment that is not energy-efficient, amongst a plethora of other things.

The Benefits of Building Energy Monitoring Systems for Building Owners

  • Save time, money and resourcesReduce operating costs and energy waste
  • Fast asset recovery Benchmark energy usage/performance
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Improve operational efficiency and functionality
  • Maximise productivity Save time
  • Minimise waste Assist in environmental footprint management and the transition to future Net Zero
  • Enable route optimisation Improve reputation, attracting more investors, clients, customers and occupants
  • Reduce risk Increased chances of financial backing/investment

Ensuring Building Compliance with Building Compliance Software


The field of compliance can be particularly difficult to navigate for building owners – complying with various building regulations simultaneously is not only tricky, but also time-consuming.

The number of legislations concerning public health, health and safety, accessibility, building design and sustainability continue to develop at a staggering pace, and keeping track efficiently requires the right solutions.

Ensuring Building Compliance with Building Compliance Software


Smarter Technologies’ Building Compliance Software Platform facilitates compliance procedures for property owners by automating practices and reducing the steps required to ensure compliance, making it a smoother, effortless process that can be managed from a single platform.

Building Compliance Software Can Help Building Owners

Building Compliance Software
Can Help Building Owners

  • Save time, money and resources Collect and manage data
  • Fast asset recovery Monitor and test equipment
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Generate building analytics reports
  • Maximise productivity Identify and manage hazards and faults
  • Minimise waste Reduce the need for property visits
  • Enable route optimisation Enhance the safety and comfort of occupants
  • Reduce risk Cost-effective technology

Improving Health & Safety


Health and safety management is a matter of priority for building owners, who need to demonstrate that facilities meet statutory obligations and ensure that occupants are safe at all times.

Improving Health & Safety


Minimising the chance of health and safety accidents occurring reduces the chance of legal prosecution, and in turn, financial loss. Smarter Technologies offers a range of health and safety smart solutions:

Smart Air Quality Monitoring Devices
Allowing you to monitor and manage air quality with custom temperature monitoring systems that offer real-time reporting and instant alerts

Smart Fire Safety Devices
Offering improved compliance while minimising fire safety accidents, monitoring fire doors, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors

Smart Window Monitoring Sensors
Automatic detection of open doors or windows with accurate status updates

Ensuring Occupants’ Wellbeing


The wellbeing and comfort of occupants is a topic of particular importance for any property owner – as demand for health and wellness in buildings continues to increase, buildings whose occupants feel supported in this respect become demonstrably more valuable.

Ensuring occupants wellbeing


Many of our smart solutions were created with occupant comfort and wellbeing in mind:

Smart Temperature Monitoring Systems
Custom temperature monitoring systems that allow owners to monitor and manage buildings’ temperature

Occupancy Monitoring Systems
Offering flow monitoring, heat mapping, desk occupancy monitoring and providing a complete occupancy view

Smart Humidity Monitoring Sensors
Helping maintain an optimal environment and track fluctuations and trends over time

Increased Security with Smart Security Solutions

Created to ensure your facility is protected to the highest degree, our Smart Security Systems are designed to allow owners full control from anywhere, providing visibility over all manners of activity on their property.

With a bespoke security dashboard, our security solutions offer real-time data, allowing for effective monitoring, analysis and reporting.

Smarter Technologies’ Smarter Security Solutions

  • Save time, money and resources Ensure premises and equipment are fully secure at all times
  • Fast asset recovery Offer remote site monitoring and management
  • Optimise asset lifecycles Provide coverage in remote areas
  • Maximise productivity Generate daily audits of important equipment
  • Minimise waste Help recover lost or stolen assets
  • Minimise wasteProvide immediate security alerts
  • Minimise waste Are low-cost and environmentally friendly
Utility metering solutions dashboard

Smarter Technologies’ Smart Building Solutions

Our Smart Building Solutions are powered by Orion, The Real-time Data Network™, an end-to-end, low frequency, long range radio solution that allows for efficient management of high volumes of IoT data transmission in real time.

SmarterView is the data monitoring software for Orion, a cloud-based system that offers a complete view of your data in one single platform, providing powerful, real-time insights. It can be accessed from any smart device, displaying customised dashboards that are entirely tailored to your needs.


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