Smart Meters Vs Meter Monitors

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May 9, 2024

While a traditional smart meter is an important first step in a smart energy strategy, STT monitors unlock the true power of your business’s energy data. Understanding where, when, and how you consume gas, electricity, and water is the cornerstone of savings.  

The data accessible through traditional smart meters is limited. STT monitors connect to SmarterView – a remotely-accessible dashboard. This user-friendly interface is configurable to your operations, allowing you to monitor consumption in real time from anywhere.  

Once you understand consumption, you are empowered to effect targeted changes and monitor their effects through accurate data insights. With configurable reporting that links consumption and cost, provides historical views, and integrates the effect of renewables, this is innovation in action for boosted efficiencies, cost savings, and evidence-based ESG reporting.

Smart Meters comparison to Meter Monitors
Smart Meters Vs Meter Monitors
Steeper Group

Steeper Group

By monitoring the daily consumption on SmarterView, Steeper Group was able to reduce gas consumption by 40% with 50% reduced total energy consumption on process testing. That’s 3,500 kWh of gas per week – a fault that would have remained hidden if not for the live data provided by SmarterView.

Old Wimbledonia

Old Wimbledonian Association

Thanks to the implementation of Smarter Technologies’ smart electricity monitoring system and energy efficiency measures, the OWA is on target to reduce its energy consumption by 37.5% against its previous year’s usage, resulting in 11.8k in savings.

Royal Navy

Royal Navy

Data Insights allowed the facilities maintenance team to understand usage patterns and identify and correct excessive consumption. A further benefit of the system is that the home is able to see the impact that solar delivers throughout the year and the effect it is having reducing consumption from the grid.

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